All Over Printing Options

There are two types of all over printing available, the traditional method of printing the garment in segments and then sewing them together, this method is called cut and sew. The second method is called all at once all over printing. Below we will note the pros and cons of the prints. 
All At Once 
This method the image is printed on transfer paper and pressed onto the shirt all at the same time.
  • Affordable
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Ship on demand 
  • No minimum 
This style of printing is best for prints that do not cover 100% of the shirt and or when the design has natural abstract characteristic in the layout where the smudges can be minimized. 
Example below;
  • May have blurs or smudges in the prints
  • Limited style of shirts
  • Quality of print 
Above is an example of issues with this method of printing it can leave gaps in the print where the fabric was overlapped. 
 Below is an example of an all at once, all over print where the design does not go to the seam so it diminishes any affect or smudges from being visiable. 
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Cut and Sew 
This method is the industry standard for sportswear, high end fashion wear and custom t-shirts.
  • True all over printing 
  • Better Quality 
  • Customized shirts
  • Longer manufacturing times, or shipping. 
  • Limit styles of shirts
The above design is printed so each section is pressed in flat state, and then all the portions are sewn together. This method is great for sports teams, fund raising and has quality over the all at once printing method. 
 We can supply with you with a design and or shirt that best suits your needs, generally with the cut and sew method, shirts styles are limited. But offer hockey jerseys, baseball jersey and shorts, lacrosse jerseys, basketball jerseys, Hoodies, T-shirts, cycling and Pro Fishing jerseys.