Speciality Screen Prints 

This page covers speciality inks and materials that we can screen print on shirts for you. We have listed some of the most popular options on this page.. 


Printed apparel with a super soft feel is huge right now. In fact, it’s the most common request we get. Soft prints are so desirable, it’s not likely this is a trend that will fizzle out. This is an additive to plasitol inks that reduces the thickness of the ink giving it a softer hand. This is not like a water based print. 


One of the original speciality affects in the world of screen printing. Puff ink is a plastisol that has been modified with the addition of a heat reactive foaming agent. The ink expands when exposed to high temperature heat as the garment is cured. True 3D style print that can be used with other prints.


You guessed it - turn out the lights and areas printed with glow ink are illuminated in that yellowish green we know and love as glow. We take it one step farther too, with a selection of coloured glow inks. Now you can glow in blue, white, purple, orange, red, green and yellow!  The owl to the right really stands out. I like to use it to add flare for bands, in black light the images dance on the floor. 


Foil is actually a heat press application, but can be applied on press for certain affects. Foil adheres to plastisol inks or a clear foil adhesive. Available in silver, gold, bronze, red, and blue. There are some awesome iridescent foil affects available too .. 



Teensy reflective flakes suspended in a clear carrier ink make these sparkly metallic inks. The print is nice and solid in 100% fill areas. Available in silver, gold, and bronze. Shown here with special effects clear ink.