Screen Printing Services
 Welcome to our new screen printing services page, we have decide to change our focus from mid size to large companies to small to mid size companies and we have a new structure of services and pricing to suit your needs. For January 2017 we have did away with the feared setup charge. Our new pricing includes the shirt, and printing fee, this pricing is only for internal supplied shirts & a minimum order of 12 pieces or more. 
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Printing Methods

This is the standard in the screen printing industry, Plastisol works on both light and dark colored shirts and its our most affordable method of printing. This method of printing is generally best suited for spot color printing, text, and standard logos, its not ideal for reproducing photographs, blending is possible but artwork needs to be separated for the job see simulated process. The shirt design to the left was printed with 4 Colors, Green, Blue, Brown and White.  
Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
This method is ideal for full-color image on light or dark garments using our simulated process printing technique. We take your artwork and separate it into gradients to achieve blends. This process uses standard or water based inks.   The image to the left was reproduced using Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. We have the ability to blend up to 5 colors with white high lights. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
This method uses lighter inks called process inks, the colors blend together similar to how your desktop printer makes images, it uses the (Cyan, Yellow and Magenta + Black ) CYMK method  to reproduce colors, Great for photographs or high detail designs that will be going on white or light shirts. For dark garments see Simulated Process Printing. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
Water Based Printing Method
This method inks that have a pigment and water to add color to the shirt. The advantage of this style of ink it gets absorbed into the shirt fibres, standard plasitol inks sit on the top of the fibres, It makes the print breathable and works on white or light colored garments, you can print it on dark garments but often the image will come out muted. As water based inks are not as opaque as plasitol inks. To the right is a print that is soft to the touch and blends into the back ground.  Its ideal for specialty fabrics including polyester and bamboo. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
Discharge Printing Method
This method has been around for long time, rarely used on its own but no ink is used to recreate images, this process leaves the shirt intact and will not fade. The process removes the dye from the shirt leaving the natural color of the shirt. Most shirts are an off white color. This process is ideal as ink cannot be chewed or rubbed off.  It works on 100% cotton and some blend shirts, testing is required for shirts for desired effect. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
We also have the ability to screen print flat, untreated products including paper , wood and other similar products. 
We use air dry , water based inks that cure standing out for a few days. These inks are specialty and come in a variety of colors, and can be printed on many untreated products. We can also get additional inks for plastics and metals, due to this these jobs extend the deadline of printing and cost will reflect. 
Discharge Tinting Printing Method
This method is similar to the above but we add water based tints back into the design, can be used to create very vivid images and blends and has a super soft feel, We have some t-shirts made from this technique in stock, we did not make this sample but we have made other similar styles with Discharge Tints. We can Pantone Color match with the style and stock 14 standard colors. Tinting allows us greater freedom for the ultimate feel of designs on the shirt. Onc washed you will not feel the print. Advantages of Water based Video Link.  Click Here                                  
Turnaround time is 7-15 business days.                                                  Photo Courtesy of the Mountain T-Rex T-shirt 


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5000 Series T-shirts
 DISCLAIMER:  Our new pricing is simplified,  no setup fees, no printing fees, you pay the advertised price plus taxes. Price includes any color Gildan 5000 style t-shirt, that we can order. Price applies to Small , Medium , Large and Extra Large shirts. Plus sizes add ( 2XL $2.75, 3XL $3.00 , 4XL $3.50 5XL $3.75) Please note not all colors come in all sizes, contact us for availability.