To the right is an example of a mixed media design it incorporate glitter vinyl with rhinestones, It can also be made with standard vinyl and rhinestones. 

Below is an example of glitter vinyl and embroidery, this technique is also known as appliqué, it can be used to attach names and numbers to sport jerseys, To the right. 

To the left we have a design where we have screen printed with water based inks over top of seams and placed rhinestones on top of the print. 

( Water based Screen Printing ) is a bit more expensive than traditional screen printing but the feel is very soft, on most garments you cannot feel the ink, its a 100% breathable just like the shirt, will never crack and is very light on the shirt.  Its a great choice for printing over seams as the ink sinks into the fabric. Best suite for light garments. 

Rhinestones are pressed onto the shirt, a wide range of colour and size and type of rhinestones is available.