This month we are show casing products that are made in Canada. We thought we should pass on products that we can sell that are Made in Canada
Take a look at the following companies and unique products that they offer. 

If you have any question or want a quote on getting any of these products decorated for your business contact us at or call 905-393-6213 to arrange an appointment or drop by the store. 
Jerico makes a wide selection of ring spun polo shirts, t-shirts, they also have a bamboo clothing line t-shirts, sweaters, mini dresses. Contact us today or drop in and browse our catalogue. 
Red Wood Classics Offers a wide selection of Made in Canada Merchandise and they also have a in house decorating team that offers Applique and Team Canada Wear. Contact us for pricing. 
Kink Athlettics makes a wide selection of hoodies, and t-shirts that have great quality and are sold by several main stream suppliers that we order stock from. If your looking for a two tone hoodie we can find a colour combination that works for you, ask us for a quote today.  (905)393-6213, or email us