Wholesale Services

In screen printing industry its hard to do everything in house, we provide screen printing services to our wholesale customers including ; film production
creating vector files, spot colour films, half tone prints, including four colour process, or simulated process prints. We also offer digitizing with samples.
We DON'T separate copy right material without proper documentation. Contact us for details. 
We offer film production services, this is for " Film Ready Artwork" or " Pre-Press Ready" meaning that the file is in a Vector format like Corel X3 or Adobe CS3, or in eps version. CONDITIONS : The film must be ready to print, in that all the layers are separated, all the layers are named and colours are in 100% black, and are sized to your needs. We can accommodate prints up to 12 x 18 our print media is 13 x 19 . FEE $10 Per Film 
Do you need a source for converting images to vector for the screen printing industry.  We can convert your images to vector for screen printing separated into colours, we can reproduce fades, colour blending and more.  Price depends of the complexity of the image, recommend an image of 300 dpi or better. 
We offer the complete colour separating services, including complex vectors to pantone separations, four colour process, simulated process prints, We can tell you the mesh count and how many screens you will need for the job. We can separate for dark or light garments, we can also make the films for you if you do not have a printer capable of reproducing the half tone dots.  Fees range from $50 to %150 depending on colours and detail of the image. 
Film charge is $10 extra per logo 
Spot colour separation is used when all the colours are solid, using standard colours palates or pantone colours, this is great a wide range of logos, where blends are not necessary. We can create spot colour separations from vector files and or images. 
Simulated process is a term that separates designs colour separations when using standard plasitol inks, you can have blends, and or spot colours. We can try and reduce the colour of screens needed for your press, 4-12 colours. 
Four colour process is designs for customers that use Process inks Cyan, Magenta and Yellow + black, its a great options for white t-shirts, depending on the design can also be made for black or dark garments with a white base or discharge base. ( based on a CYMK process )