What are rhinestones?

Rhinestones are tiny pieces of glass that are made either via a mold or by cutting the glass. The resulting rhinestones are 3D pieces of bling that catch light – and the eye – for optimal sparkle. They can be made in a few different ways. 

The main advantage of using a rhinestone over a sequin is that they’re much more affordable. They are also very well known to consumers which makes many of them feel more comfortable turning to this product.

Designs limitations

While we can make design templates in house we often just order the designs in, In some cases we add rhinestones to other type of media to add flare, can be used with DTG, prints and or vinyl transfer to stand out.

Pricing varies on the number of colors, type and size of the rhinestones , most shirts start at $25 each and go up from their. 


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