Discharge Pricing

At Steel Town Graphics we offer in house Discharge printing, this only works on coloured shirts, preferably cotton shirts, although it has been known to work on some 50/50 blends. Testing will needed to be done prior to production if not using a standard cotton t-shirt. The results will vary depending on the natural colour of the shirt. Generally it leaves the shirt an off white colour or a vintage colour. Down below we have pricing for this , the shirt will have no feel to the image area, and we can recreate the half tone effect with this and the shirt colour, great for kids clothes, pet clothes . Washing is required prior to be worn, as the chemical used to do the process can irritate the skin.

How It works ?  The shirt prior to being dyed at the fabric is usually a white or off white colour. When we apply the discharge agent to the shirt it removes the dye of the shirt. Leaving an image of the area printed. Their is NO ink or dye put back into the shirt, leaving the t-shirt with a very soft hand. 

Want Colour  We also have another option for printing with discharge process by using water based inks onto , this allows the discharge to be the white layer of the shirt and colours can be printed on top, this is called Discharge tinting.