About us

At Steel Town Graphics we are still a small shop but we are growing, in 2013 we started our company out of house and garage. We ran the store part time during the day and on evening and weekends and offered vinyl transfers, and screen printing. Since then we have grown in 2016 we moved to our present location where we have developed a full time business.  In 2016 we started to expand our option for apparel decoration and started offering in house embroidery, In 2018 we expanded again offering Direct to Garment in house and we are looking towards the future. Presently we do most of the jobs in house including all the artwork, prepwork, screen printing, embroidery and now DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. We look forward to offering more services in the years to come and we like to thank you for considering us and thank you for being a cusotmer. 

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